Challenge week 9 – Game post

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Game 1: Write your own post saying which blogs you visited and which posts you left a comment on. Why did you choose that post? Remember to include a link back to the post you left a comment on so that student gets a pingback or trackback.

So this is 3 blogs that I have visited and leave a comments on!

Ivan’s Blog, Marshall’s Blog, Reeha’s Blog

I choose this three blogs because I think the ideas and posts are amazing. They’ve done a good job in those posts. In the three post that I comments, I especially like One Direction from Reeha’s Blog, Meme’s from Ivan’s Blog and Vans from Marshall’s Blog. Their ideas are really creative and brilliant. I love the backgrounds and all the work that they’ve done to build up their blog. I think it’s really worth it to comments and visit their blog.

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Challenge week 6 – activity 2

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Activity 2: What can strangers learn about you online? Could your friend Google your name and find out lots of information about you? Do you have your birthdate, your email address, your home address, your cell phone number somewhere online? Google yourself or maybe your teacher will let you Google them. What do you find out? In your post, don’t give out the private information you found.

Strangers can hardly find my identity online. They can learn nothing or at least very less because I usually give very less information online, usually only the require ones. So the strangers can learn pretty much nothing from me if they tracked me online. My friend or my siblings can Google my name online and find nothing from me because I didn’t have anything important and whenever I signed up to something, I always check for the requirement and only fill in those space, not all. If you fill all, the company can know more about your personality and identity. I always keep my password and personal things to myself, I never shared it to anyone, even my bestfriends!


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Challenge 8 – Favourites

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10 of my favorite things:

1) One Direction: One Direction is an English – Irish boy band in London. They have 5 members, Niall James Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam James Payne, Louis William  Tomlinson. My favorite songs of them is What Makes you Beautiful and Live While We’re  Young. They signed an contract with Simon Cowell to attend The X Factor. One Direction is my favorite boy band because they are well-singing and cute.
2) Basketball:  Basketball is one of my favorite sports because the movement are alternated by hands and feet. Hands is the main key for a successful score in basketball because hands dribble, shoot, and pass the balls. The leg is also important because legs support to hands, you have to be able to run fast and be tricky in this kind of sport. There are also many tricks in basketball and basic skills. I kinda know all the rules in basketball because learning with my coach and my friends.Gators are in the Final FourCreative Commons License Photo Credit: Courtland via Compfight

3) Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber getting famous at the age 16. He was famous because Usher introduce him to the world. He start off with the song “One Time” and follow by that a hit called “Baby”. Everyone likes him sooo much at first time. He have an amazing voice!!! He looks cute and fits. A lot of people hates him for no reason, they called him GAY and stuff, but for me and his fans, he’s the person that I want to met! His fans is call “Belieber” after his last name “Bieber” and his album “Believe”.

4) Snake: Snakes can be very poisonous but also can be really gentle. It depends on how you interact with it and its personality. Snake is an generous creature. I love snakes.  Snakes are usually green. There is also one creature that is in the snake family but have bigger size and shape than a snake. A python. Python is known as more angry and aggressive than the snakes. It also have bigger width/size.  Sunlit SnakePhoto Credit: Matt Reinbold via Compfight

5) Steve Jobs: Perhaps Steve Jobs life is spend in creating “Apple” products like Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Macbook… He has died recently, and that is a huge depression for everyone. He died while creating Iphone 5 and Ipad 4.  He is a create inventor. He is so smart at technology. After he died, he must see that everyone is happy with his product. Steve Jobs is a great creator.

6: Minecraft: Minecraft is a huge creative game. The owner of this game is called Notch, everyone must know him before they play the game. At first, Minecraft have a lot of glitch and errors that causes the players to be angry and irritating. But after the updates, Notch fix all the errors and the game is back to normal. Nowadays, there is mobs to make the game more fun!

7) AND1: AND1 is a basketball team which I really like because of their amazing and skillful skills. AND1 is very talented in my opinion. They have won many prizes. AND1 players have played street basketball for 20 years and in attended the NBA Champ. AND1 also produce their own shoes, their own basketball shoes. They are pretty famous for their basketball skills.

8)Nike: Nike is a shoe brand that most of people on Earth like and love. I am a fan of Nike too! I love their shoes, they are creative in designing the shoes. And besides the shoes, they also produce accessories for sports so Nike became really famous in all over the world. Nike designs and technologies that they spend for their shoes is really huge! They have their own company and a lot of supporters. My friends and my classmates love Nike so much that everything that have on their body is Nike, Nike’s pants, shirts, shoes, tennis racket… They are Nike’s big fans 🙂

9) PE: PE stands for Physical Education, which is a subject in most of the international school in Vietnam. PE is very fun because I love sports and sport’s skills. The sports that I like best is probably soccer and basketball. In PE class I;m having right now, we are learning about basketball basic skills like dribbling, shooting, passing… and it was very fun! At the end of the class/period, we usually have a game between us and our classmates. Everyone show their best sportsmanship and play best for their team but at last, we have a fair game and everyone enjoy it! 😀

10) Carson Lueders: Carson Lueders is a 13 year old boy who can sing very well. He is also handsome. His competitors are probably Johnnyosings and MattyBRaps because those 2 boys are also doing the same thing as Carson is doing. But I think Carson is the best because he doesn’t use any autotune. Everybody said he have a look like Justin Bieber and that is very true. I also like Bieber so I don’t care what the other people say about Carson. His signature style when he is covering in a video is that he sits on a chair with his guitar on and start playing and singing. He can play a lot of instruments like piano, guitar, drums… He also have a brother name Jackson and he play drum.

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Challenge 5 – Secrets

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What could the secret be that is hidden in the forest? 

The secrets I was thinking was this forest is kind of….mysterious to me! There’s a bit of light and many trees, deep inside, there maybe a boogie trap or some kind of aggressive and violent animals.

Here is a list of secrets I think is hidden in this forest:

– Boogie traps

– Aggressive animals

– Treasures

– Villages

– Tribes

– Haunted House

– Jungle Temple

– Different Seeds of trees

– Different kind of insects

– Jungle man (Tarzan)

That is all ideas that pop into my head! See you next time! Comments, I read them!!

Challenge number 10 – Week 6

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Activity relating to number 10

What 10 educational games or iPad apps should all students be able to use at school? Give reason why it is considered educational.

– Calculator :  When student grows up, about grade 9 or 10, they need an scientific calculator, which u can easily get it from Ipad Apps. Better than spending money for a calculator.

– Minecraft:  Some school now in Vietnam has use Minecraft in their classes. Minecraft builds out children’s creativity and you can actually build stuff from the past. If you are interest in architecture, then Minecraft is the right game for you 😉

– Dictionary: Sometimes in Language Art, you are stuck at a word that you don’t know, look up the ‘dictionary’ to finds out 😀

– State Bingo and Road Trip US: It’s an Ipad Apps, this is more like a children game but the idea is a car travelling around US to find country and fix children’s grammar. Check it out here: State Bingo and Road Trip US

– Special Education Edition for iPad: eCOVE Software: This is a really good programs, it keeps track of how you doing in the program and  tests.

– Bitsboard: This is where you can learn free language, like German, English, Spanish, French. This is very helpful for me 😀

– LearnEnglish Grammar: This program will improve your english skills, grammar skills.

– NASA App: For those who get attracted to Science, and love NASA, this is a right App for you!

– Picture Memory: This is a great game to see if you can remember different things in a short time, It’s very fun!

– Protractor 1st: It’s very useful, instead of measuring and having a hard time pulling up the answer. *Taa-daa* Here is a iPad App protractor, you point to it, it tell you the corner, or coordinate you need to know!

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Challege 6 – Week 6

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Activity 1: Do you have a different personality when you are online? Think about your avatar, your status updates, music you upload, your images and your blog. Would someone who knows you in real life recognize you online? Write a post about your personality online. Why do you think some people exaggerate or change their identity when they are online?

For me, I don’t have a different identity or personality online because I think that’s not very necessary for my friends and now at my age. I didn’t do anything bad so why should I change my identity. I usually leave my own avatar, not anyone else or cartoon because I want everyone, especially my foreign friends, if my name is in Vietnamese, my foreign friends will recognize me by my avatar. When I update a status, its usually my style of typing and icons. The music that I upload usually a style or very popular and the kind of my music, not classic ones but pop and hard one (not rock). Like PSY new hit: PSY – Gentleman :D. My friends or siblings or the people that I know will definitely know who I am online especially Facebook. I think people change their identity maybe because if they are who they are, they can’t make friends or don’t want other people to judge and know them. 

This is my real identity, as you can see I shade some of my personal info because it’s privacy! That’s all for today! Comments, I read them!!


As you guys all know, I LOVE minecraft! Minecraft is wonderful! I can create anything I want in Minecraft. Me and my friends get too attracted in that game that we made our own Facebook page: MinecraftCQ

And our own website! Mineworkers

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We build many projects and inventions, mostly all of them are recommendation from people, if you want us to do anything for you in Minecraft, please leave a comment belowwww and tell us your contact info 🙂 Here are

some inventions that we build.

Week 3 – Earth Hour

This is from the Student Blogging Challenge – Earth Hour

– Write a creative story including energy efficiency somewhere in the plot

– Write about reducing, reusing and recycling – fits in with Earth Hour

So as we all know, the Earth Hour is on March 23, 8:30PM. That is the time where people all around the world turn off lights, energy, and all the things that is related to electricity. There will be only 1 hour of saving energy. 1 hour of saving energy can help more than a thousand lives out there that is suffering without food, starving, homeless, and poor people. People in the Earth Hour can turn off their unnecessary energy and use the power saver light bulb. At that time, the world is using energy and spare electricity to support lives on Earth. There is 152 countries and all 7 continents, more than 7000 cities and towns who is attending the Earth Hour, including Vietnam. There are poster and advertiser are everywhere in the Vietnam’s Street. Doing this activity will help the Earth and people concern in the future, which can safe our world in the future. Imagine that with one light switch, you can safe 100 lives on Earth. That is totally worth it! Instead of using your computer, TV, Ipad, Iphone,… to entertain yourself. On this hour, you turn off the lights and go out to play with your friends on the street! You can safe lives and also can entertain yourself by some sports or games with your friends. In some countries, there will be concert, music, and shows on this time! Some celebrities care about saving live too! Some of them will be joining the shows on some countries too! I think this is a really nice event that the world should have to help poor children and people who is suffering and starving and trying to live through night.

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling, the three R’s. It is really really helpful on this event. You may reduce your amount of time that you spend on electricity and energy! Reduce it to help the Earth Hour event. If you’re still not convince by now, please think about this. With one hour of reducing the amount of energy you spend, you can help the poor people in the future. Isn’t that worth it? You can Reuse the plastic cups, water bottles, and lots of more stuff. Reusing is not very new, not very shiny and not as much as quality as the new one but it’s enough quality to use it. You can use it normally but it’s not brand new… But, duhhh you can still use it 😀 And the last one is recycling. You can also recycle cups, plastic cups, you can wash it really carefully and put it back to drink. My school does that and really small amount of students have stomache, you have a free resources without paying. How cool is that!!!

Well that is all about the Earth Hour that I can tell. I’m just giving you advice and ideas in the Earth Hour day. I recommended you accept the challenge for Earth Hour. Again, the Earth Hour is on March 23, 2013 at 8:30PM, only 1 hour for this event. 8:30PM to 9:30PM so please spend your time to do this and use powersaver lighbulb and powersaver stuff. Thank you for visiting my blog. Comments, I read them!