Top 10 favorite things

1. Nerf Guns.

The Nerf Retaliator. It is the new improved gun of the recon. It is a new 12 dart clip with an foregrip. It has a new stock and 12 elite darts. It shoots 75 feet and doesn’t jam much.



2. My favorite soccer shoe is the mercurial vapor 8. I don’t really like the vapor 9 because the synthetic is not as soft and doesn’t give you that bare foot feel as good as the vapor 8.


3. My favorite games are war thunder and world of tanks(W.O.T) because they are mmo games


4. My favorite football player is Messi because he plays for barcelona ( which is my favorite club ) and his style of play because he is very graceful and is extremely accurate


5. My favorite sport is football  because I love football and football is my game. I play it everyday. I have a lot of football gear and shoes.

6: My favorite sport is football because I like football a lot because I am good at it and I love football players so they influenced me.

My favorite laptop is the Dell Alienware m18x. It is considered to be the most powerful laptop in the world

Challenge 6

Activity 10:What 10 educational games or iPad apps should all students be able to use at school? Give reason why it is considered educational.

1: Calculator because it helps you calculate things in math.

2: Unit converter because it helps you convert things faster.

3: Minecraft: Because it helps you with your creativity.

4: Edmodo because its an educational Facebook where your teachers can post homeworks and assingments

5: Unblock me because it tests your brain and you have a challenge.

6: Icon pop quiz : It tests how well you know celebrity

7: Icon pop brand: It tests how well you know your brand

8:Engrade: You can see your grade in school.

9: Sudoku: It helps you relaxe

10: Google earth so you can look at maps

My Passion

My favorite games is War Thunder. It is a MMO games based on world war 2. The countries are: America, England, japan, Soviet Union and Germany. I played the game about 2 weeks and I am on level 5 in the british line. I have the Beaufighter VLC, the spitfire mk1, The Beaufort and the Blenheim. The beaufighter is very very OP.

Student Blogging Challenge no.10

The 10 people I would want to meet is: Messi, Lebron James, Kim Kardashian, Xavi, Iniesta, Mr Jon’s Daughter. Nicki Minaj, Neymar, Puyol and Pique.


Messi: What is your favorite shoe?

Lebron James: Who is your idol

Kim Kardashian: Who is the funniest sibling you have

Xavi: How long have you known Iniesta

Iniesta: What is your most memorable moment in your career

Mr Jons daughter: What school do you go to

Nicki Minaj: When did you start singing or rapping

Neymar: What is your favorite skill

Puyol: Do you want to leave Barcelona?

Pique: What is your strongest skill











Student Blogging Challenge